Dear Members,

It is a moment of pride not only for me, but for the entire RK Engineering Pvt. Ltd. family, including my mother, my father late Shri Kirtanlal Dharia whoserved EMA in the late 80s and my brother Sandeep who served in the year 2003 as the president of this august Association. I also want to thank my immediate family in advancefor bearing with my long absence from home.

I want to thank EMA members for reposing their faith in me by electing me as the 75th President.

I started my journey six years back in 2012, under the president ship of Shri Jatin Kadakia. As the years rolled by, I imbibed the importance and prestige enjoyed by this esteemed institution. The support and the guidance from the past presidents and seniors helped me to take varied responsibilities with ease. I also realized that the success of EMA is an ongoing process and for this I thank all the past 74 presidents for their enormous hard work in keeping EMA vibrant and young, even at the age of 80 years.

Lohar Chawl is synonymous with EMA. It is from here that numerous giants have taken wings, like Anchor, Polycab, RR Global, Greatwhite, Ravin and Precision Plastics to name a few. It is this place that has served trade and industry with great distinction for over eighty years. It is this place that has provided the platform for these giants to make a niche for themselves and make footprints across the globe.

With a membership of over 1200 members, EMA, a combination of Merchants, Distributors and Manufacturers, has become a pillar of strength, a force to reckon with in the modern age. EMA has come a long way, with the emerging technology, it has adopted with all available networking tools to keep members abreast with relevant and important information. EMA is ready to spread its wings across India.

In the current situation, we at EMA feel the need to interact with other likeminded Associations and Trade bodies. This will not only broaden our scope and vision but also help us in standing on a common platform. I am a great advocate of this move and personally feel that this will help us with 1. Networking &Knowledge Sharing 2.Necessary representation with government agencies and 3.Opportunity to grow business.

EMA now being ISO 9001 Certified Association, will support members with highquality service by taking regular feedback from them.

GST will complete its first anniversary in next few days.All the mysteries that surrounded its imposition have been removed.There are no marketing boundaries. Let us embrace this development and open our mindsets to a Pan India scenario. We will only benefit and prosper.

As President of this esteemAssociation, I in my tenure would like to mainly concentrate on programs and ideas that will upgrade, improve, educate and safeguard the interest of my members by involving different Associations, Electrical goods manufacturing companies and Government Agencies. My team and Iwill endeavor to make Lohar Chawl and its surrounding area safer and cleaner. For this I require the wholehearted support of my seniors, colleagues and all the members.

I would like to thank Shreegopal Kabraji for accepting our invitation to be the guest speaker this evening. Sir, we look forward to listen to you to motivate us and make us understand future business dynamics. EMA is grateful to those who are here.On behalf of EMA, I wish to extend our sincere thanks andrecognize the presence of all the invitees who have spared their valuable time to be a part of this milestone event.

I sincerely acknowledge the support of all the sponsors, my core team and Shri Ashish Nangia, past president of EMA, for requesting Bollywood star John Abraham to be a part of our EMA video. I also wish to thank The Janmabhoomi team for working hard on the supplement, EMA staff and members for their support.

In the end let me once again emphasize that we cannot sit on our laurels. We have to brace ourselves to meet the challenges. We have miles to go and promises to keep. But together we will do it and I am absolutely confident.

I assure you that I commit myself to do all that is needed for EMPOWERING MEMBERS ASPIRATIONS.

Thank you.