Key Initiatives

Mr. Bhadresh Mehta
Mr. Vishal Sanghavi

Dear Members,

We feel immense pleasure in presenting our association's website and there by taking first step in moving our association to the Internet era. As we put our association on global map, our members can reach any & every customers across the entire world through our website.

Yes, now we have a global presence ! It is also make the Objectives, History and activities of association accessible to the electrical fraternity (& others of course) through out the world. We wish to thank presidents & managing committee of the year 2008-10 who thought us capable of doing this job and entrusted the making of this website to us. We also thank all the advertisers for their support.

Lastly we thank Maharashtra Directory for wonderful design & construction of this website. We have tried our best to make this website useful in every possible manner. Errors, if any, are purely unintentional.

However improvement is a continuous process with any software. Suggestions are most welcome by email.

Have great surfing…

Thanks & Regards

Mr. Bhadresh Mehta & Mr. Vishal Sanghavi

Founder Chairmen – Website Committee

Mr. D.K. Parikh 2008 - 09
Mr. Atul Shah 2009- 10

Dear Members,


We are pleased to present to you EMAs website. We are trying to match up to the modern technology so that each one of us can benefit from it. We strive to update this website regularly so that all of you can know about the current news and happenings of our association as well as the electrical market.

We specially thank the chairmen of the website Shri. Bhadresh Mehta and Shri. Vishal Sanghavi for all their efforts to launch this website. We hope this website will be liked by all and we would be glad to receive your feedback on the same.

We hope this new financial year 2010-2011 will be prosperous for your business.

Thanks & Regards

Mr. D.K. Parikh & Mr. Atul P Shah


Mr. Tushar Sanghavi 2008 - 09
Mr. Himanshu Sanghavi 2009-10

Dear Members,


Thanks & Regards

Mr. Tushar Sanghavi & Mr. Himanshu Sanghavi


Sitting First Row: From Left to Right Standing Middle Row: From Left to Right Standing Back Row: From Left to Right
Shri J. K. Kadakia (Jt. Hon. Treasurer) Shri R K Desai (Advisor) Shri K G. Somaiya (Co-opted Member)
Shri R. M. Parikh (Hon. Treasurer) Shri R. A. Kadakia (Member) Shri B. A. Parikh (Member)
Shri A. P. Shah (Vice President) Shri N. P. Gandhi (Advisor) Shri R. H. Pandya (Member)
Shri D. K. Parikh (11 K.) (President) Shri V. N. Desai (Advisor) Shri A. A. Shah (Member)
Shri H. B. Shah (Ex-Officio) Shri Y. R. Dharia (Advisor) Shri V. P. Sanghavi (Member)
T. H. Sanghavi (Hon. Secretary) Shri H. U. Doshi (Member)
Shri H. S. Sanghavi (Hon. Secretary) Shri A. N. Shah (Co-opted Member)
Shri P. R. Shah (Co-opted Member)