History Of EMA

1937 - 1997

A moment comes which comes but rarely in history when one steps out from the old to the new, from one age into a new era.

A dedicated patriotic band of electrical merchants moved in a magic moment in history to form glorious dynamic association which has moved from strength to strength to arrive into a new area of solidity, interdependence and dynamic growth.

This Souvenir on the unique occasion of the 'Diamond Jubilee' of our Association presents the illustrious history of EMA and inspiring write-ups by eminent personalities from the Electrical trade and VIPs from the Government and other walks of life.

We sincerely hope and pray that this Souvenir will be of great utility value and a perennial source of encouragement and enthusiasm now and in the years ahead - for us and for the generations to follow.

Milestones: Down Memory Lane - 1937

Lohar Chawl, a famous landmark in the heart of Bombay's renowned business district of Crawford Market, is dotted with innumerable electrical shops stocking a wide spectrum of electrical items from switches to switch gears. From this area arose a select band of enterprising stalwarts with a foresight par excellence to pioneer the founding of the Electric Merchants' Association. These visionaries, whose names have already been inscribed in Gold in the history of the Association now richly deserve to have their names studded with DIAMONDS.

These doyens of the Industry were :

Shri A. K. Khilji of Mis. Khilji & Sons,

Shri I. B. Damania - Mis. Damania Electrical Engg. Co.M

Shri S. A. Shroff - Mis. C. Sunderlal & Co.

Shri Lalbhai Safi - Mis. K. L. Mehta

Shri N. Khambatty - Mis. Trinity Electric Syndicate

Shri S. D. Sharma - Mis. Sharma Trading Co.

These men of vision, along with a few devoted friends, in the electrical trade, set the wheels of the Association into motion, and focused their minds and their hearts on the sale objective of fostering and protecting and supporting the interests of its esteemed members.

Business houses used to keep their establishments open for all the days of the month. The EMA took its first decision to declare the last two Sundays of each month as holidays.

"It is a lesson which all history teaches wise men, to put trust in ideas, and not in circumstances. Ralph Waldo Emerson."


EMA was affiliated to the Indian Merchants' Chamber, a prestigious pioneering association in India of the business community.


The Bombay Sales Tax Act came into force and the Association encouraged and helped its members to register themselves under the said act.


Productive parleys with the Chief Controller of Imports & Exports at New Delhi covered vital matters concerning import of electrical goods and to safeguard the interests of the indigenous manufacturers against imports of electrical goods.


EMA commenced printing its own Diaries containing advertisements from its members to enhance its income. This has become a regular annual feature.


EMA had grandiose plans to celebrate its Silver Jubilee Year in a befitting manner. However the Chinese Aggression on India made it change its plan and to donate the entire proceeds ear marked for its celebration towards our country's Defence Fund. This donation was given to the then Defence Minister of India, the late Y.B. Chavan. The first Electrical Trade Directory was published.


EMA organised its first Electrical Trade Exhibition at the C.J. Hall, Bombay. "If you are too careful, you are so occupied in being careful that you are sure to stumble over something." - Gertrude Stein


EMA organised its second Electrical Trade Exhibition at the C. J. Hall, Bombay.


Establishment of EMA Cricket ,Club. The late Prof. M. V. Chandgadkar inaugurated and addressed the gathering.


A Memorandum was sent to the Sales Tax Abolition Committee explaining the difficulties of Sales Tax matters experienced by the Association members. With the result the Sales Tax on Brass Pendant Holder, Tubes, Fixtures and Accessories was reduced to 10% from 14%. 4th July, 1977 was declared as Protest Day and establishments were closed against Money Lenders Act 1975, This action resulted in the Extension Limit being raised from Rupees one Lakh to Rupees ten lakhs and many industrial items were removed from the Sales Tax.


Memorandum sent for

  • Reduction in customs duty on Insulation Paper.
  • Reclassification of customs duty on Polythene Terpthalate Coated Paper.

EMA Cricket Club felicitated Prof. M. V. Chandgadkar on his being conferred the HOF1orary Life Membership of MCC England. Shri Sushilkumar Shinde presided over the function.

Pay & Park Scheme

A Writ Petition was filed in the High Court against the Pay & Park Scheme. This Petition was filed in the name of our then President Shri. S. K. Valecha. The Petition was heard on 12th June 1978 and accordingly the BMC withdrew the Scheme.

1979 Seminars

1. Topic: Sales Tax Bill (on 9th January.)

Speakers: Shri B. C. Joshi and Shri. P. B. Samant M.LA

2. Topic: Octroi Duty (on 7th February.)

Speaker: Shri. K. J. Gidwani then Dy. Commissioner, Bombay Municipal Corporation.

3. Topic: New Finance Bill 1979-80 (on 7th March.)

Speaker: Shri Arvind H. Dalal, well-known Chartered Accountant.

4. Topic: New Sales Tax (on 8th May.)

Speaker: Shri B. C. Joshi.

5. Topic: Household Electrical Appliances (Quality Control) order (on 6th July.)

Speakers: Shri. D. K. Sinha, then Dy. Director of Small Industries Service Institute, Shri S. B. Chandankar (I.S.I.), Shri W. G. Gorde then Dy. Director of Industries, Maharashtra State and Shri Laxmikanthan, then Additional Director Export Inspection Council.

Other Activities

1. The Association was an active participant in the agitation launched by F.A.M. against the new Sales Tax Bill. This matter was successfully pursued with the Government and the Bill was kept in abeyance.

2. E.MA along with the IMC and The Federation of Electric Trade working together succeeded in getting certain concessions regarding certain amendments in the Bombay Sales Tax Act. The sustained efforts of EMA further resulted in the octroi duty being reduced by fifty percent (50%) on certain goods like Fluorescent Tubelights and Lamps.

3. There was a concerted drive launched for the collection of funds for the flood victims of Morvi (Gujarat), Vidarbha (Mahnrashtra) and Rajasthan, to the extent of Rs 1,55,166.

The following contributions were made to :

1. Anand Mangal Trust - Rs. 75,138 (For construction of 50 houses)

2. Anand Mangal Trust - Rs. 25, 025 (For Interest subsidy to small traders)

3. Sanjivani - Rs. 24,032 (For implementing the project for self employed artisans)

4.Sanjivani . Rs. 8,798 (For implementing the project for self employed artisans)

"There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope." - Bern Williams


A delegatlon of office bearers met Shri Bal Dharap, then Chairman Standing Committee BMC for Discussion on Octroi on Electrical Items.


1. Topic : Abolition of Sales Tax (on 27th May 1980) . Speaker : Shri Bhikuram Jain M.P.

2. Topic. Finance Bill 1980-81 (on 21 st June 1980) - Speaker: Shri J. R. Shah.


In March 1981, due to our representation the Octroi was reduced from 6% to 3% on lamps and tubes, falling under item NO.16 of Schedule 'H'.


1. Maharashtra Chief Ministers' Relief Fund - Rs. 11,089/- (For rehabilitation of flood victims of Vidarbha).

2. Lions Club International - Rs. 11,035/- (For rehabilitation of flood victims of Rajasthan).

3. West Bengal Relief Fund.


Topic : Labour Matters (on 26th June.)

Speakers: Shri B. C Joshi and Shri Chandrakant Thakar, then President of FAM.
The Administration Ofiice of the Federation of All India Electrical Trades Association (FAIETA) was shifted to Bombay. Its Annual General Body Meeting was held on 24th July at Tejpal Auditoriumuner teh ChairmanshIp of V. M. Bengali. It was addressed by Shri Vijay Merchant.

"No Day in which you learn something is a complete loss" - David Edding . King of the Murgot.


EMA organised its Third Electrical Exhibition at the C J. Hall, Bombay.


We organised a Blood Donation Drive in collaboration with the Indian Red Cross Society. We published a Technical Data Booklet containing electrical data, formula and tables. A blood donation drive was organised jointly with Lions Club of Dhobi Talao, and Union Bank, Princess Street Branch.


1. We presented problems faced by Assesses to the Commissioner of Income Tax, Shri S. Sawhney.

2. We made a representation to the Maharashtra Government Hon'ble Minister of Finance Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde to reduce Sales Tax on Electrical appliances & Fans.

3. We made a representation to Shri V. P. Singh, Hon'ble Minister of Finance to reduce Income Tax rates.

"Happiness is different from pleasure. Happiness has something to do with struggling and enduring and accomplishing." . George Sheehan in Runnar's World.


EMA published the Electrical Trade Directory, the first of its kind. Shri Bhogilal Patel, then President, I.M.C. presided over the functIon. 8th Annual General Meeting of FAIETA was held at West End Hotel on 11 th September. Shri Mohanhbai Patel Sheriff of Bombay inaugurated it. A supplement was released in the ' Evening News of India' to mark the event.


1. Topic : Computers - How it is going to suit all of us, (on 8th June.)

2. Topic : Amendments of Maharashtra Sales Tax Act. Speaker. Shrl B. C. Joshi.

"It is better to ask some of the questions than to know all the answers" - James Thurber


A seminar on Union Budget 1986-87 was organised at riotol West End. Shri O.v. Kuruvilla, Field. Commissioner of Income Tax spoke on Direct nnd Indirect Taxes. Shri Gautam Doshi, eminent C. A informed memhers on MODVAT, Shri K Shrcenlvasan. Retd Collectors of Customs Informed members on Customs Duties.


The golden Jubilee Celebration Function as held at Hotel Oberoi Towers on 27th October. It was a memorable event filled With splendour and graced by VIPs from the Governmen! and Industry. Amongst the dignitaries were the Chief Guest, Shree Shankar Dayal Sharma, then Governor of Maharashtra and Shri Ramakrishna Bajaj of M/s Bajaj Electricals as the Guest of Honour.

The Golden Jubilee Souvenir was released all the occasion, special momentos were awarded to the past Presidents as a token of appreciation for their meritorious services. Gold plated silver coins engraved With Laxmiji and EMA's emblem on the reverse, were distributed to all the members. Golden Jubilee stickers for envelopes, letter heads, car windows and office premises were also given away.

The function was well patronised by our members and Invitees. A four page supplement was released in the English newspaper - Midday In October 1986, sponsored generously by the members. During the Golden Jubilee Year an Import-export policy was prepared. It was submitted to lhe IMC for the meeting in to be held with the Chief Controller of JCCI, Mr. B. C. Mishra through All India Exporters Association. This was done so that the Import of sodium vapour lamp which was under OGL was allowed to be imported by he Actual Users (Industrial).

The Administrative Office of FAIETA was transferred to madras. A meeting of FAIETA Board of Directorswas held to review the progress of implementation of Quality Control. Our Association had requested FAIETA to submit the memorandum to oppose the levy of turnover tax.

Sharad Poornima Utsav function was hel at Hotel Sea Rock, Bandra.

"Light is the first of painters. There is no object so foul that intense light will not make it beautiful." Ralph Waldo Emerson


EMA participated in a Maharashtra Bandh in response 0 a call given by FAM and IMC to press for the Abolition of Octroi duty.

Our Presidenl. Mr J V. Mody. Hon. Secretary Mr Kamlesh N. Mody and Mr. V. M. Bengali, past President of EAM and FAIETA attended the 9th AGM of FAIET held at Madras on 4th and 5tt1 July 1987, and actively participated in the discussions regarding Building Fund, & amendments in the costitution of FAIETA.

In connection With our appeal to the Incom- Tax authorities for the Interest and penalty for the year 1980-81, It was the painstaking efforts of ihe Hon, Secretary, Mr. Y R. Dharia with the Valuable advice and guidance of our consultant that the matter was resolved successfully in our favour. This favourable Judgement encouraged us to lodge appeals for interest and penalties of the subsequent year, Eventually, the interes and penalties were waived for the subsequent year. Our main arguments regarding status of our Association and computation of income have been upheld. Further, we had five petitions before the Commissioner for refund of taxes already collected from us b the department . Our Association received Income- Tax refund orders from the Income - Tax Authority for assessment years - 1986-87 and 1985-86.

Social Gatherings and Reunions

1. Annual get-together with Dinner on 28th February at Birla Krida Kendra.

2. Sharad Purnima festival on 9th October at Hotel Palmgrove

3. New Year function sponsored by our member firm M/s. Tracomin Pvt. ltd.

1988 Seminar

Seminars were conducted for the benefit and betterment of members.

1. Topic - Direct Tax Bill - conducted by noted experts on Taxation - Mr. H. P. Raina and Mr. Pradip Bhat, Date - 14th January

2. Topic - Sales Tax matters at - IMC Date - 14th April

Social Gatherings & Reunions

1. Annual Dinner - on 25th February

2. Sharad Purnima Utsav - 30th October

3. New Year Get-together - 10th November

Host was Mr. L. T. Hazari of M/s. Hazari Trading Company.

"Thinking is to me the greatest fatigue in the world." - Sir John Vanbrugh

1989 / 90 Seminars

A Special Seminar was held on a subject of topical interest to our members "New Light Sources and their Applications", Dr. N. D. DESAI, Chairman & Managing Director, M/s. Apar LId gave the Keynote address and leading lights of the Electrical Industry enlightened the members on the latest methods of energy conservation. These current speakers were: Mr. P. K. Bandopadhyay (Philips India), Mr. N. S. Chary. (Crompton Greaves), Mr. S. Roy Choudhury (Bajaj Electricals) and Mr. Vijay Kirpal (Apar LId).
Date: 3rd March 1990

Social Gatherings & Reunions

1. Annual get-together in the form of a Picnic cum Dinner Site : K. 1. Hill Resort, Vasai Date: 30th April 1989

2. Sharad Purnima Utsav on 20th october 1989 at Hotel Palmgrove, Juhu. Mr. Jiten Mody of JPM Group of Industries gave a donation of Rs. 15,000/- towards the function.

3. New Year Get-together on 30th October 1986 at Framji Cawasji Hall. The unique feature of the function was the presence of Mr. Chitra Bhanu Maharaj, who blessed the gathering. The Host was Mr. Ramnikbhai Mahelatia of M/s. Falguni Trading Company.

Other Activities :

Participated in a Mass Rally on 9 January 90 along wilh Traders, Transporters and Industrialists to protect against the non-implementation of the promise given by the State Govt to abolish Octroi duty.

"A day is a miniature eternity".- lB.

1990-91 Changes in Constitution

During the year under review some ctlanges were made in the constitution of the Association. The service which was rendered by the Association at a very nominal rate was raised to Rs. 200/- towards the annual subscription for ordinary members.

Social Gatherings and Reunions :

1. Sharad Purnima Utsav was held at Hotel Palmgrove, Juhu.

2. New Year Get-together was held at Cawasji Framji Hall, where the Host was M/s. M. C. Mody and Brothers.

3. New Year Get-together - 10th November.

1991-1992 Fund Raising :

On account of the limited space of the office premises it was thought to acquire a bigger space. In view of this a Landmark Fund Raising Committee was formed and the same was ratified at the AGM, for the purpose of mobilising funds for the acquisilion of new office premises.

The following members were appointed in tho Landmark Fund Raising Committee:

1. Mr. S. H. Parwaney - President (EMA)

2. Mr. R. Kabra - Chairman

3. Mr. V. M. Bengali - Co-Chairman

4. Mr. J. V. Mody - Member

5. Mr. P. C. Shah - Member

6. Mr. Y. R. Dharia - Member

7. Mr. M. C. Shroff - Member

Social Gatherings and Reunions:

1. Sharad Purnima Utsav on 25 October at Palm Grove Hotel, Juhu. Sponsors: M/s. Priyest Land - Developers Pvt. Ltd. (Partly).

2. New Year get-together on 7 November at Framji Cawasji Hall. Swamy Bhavaharanandaji Maharaj of Ramaknshna Mission blessed the gathering. Shri Rasikbhai Kadakia of Indian Industrial Corpn. was the host.

3. Annual Dinner and got-togother on 26th April '92 at Laxmi Narayan Temple Hall. Entertainment - a hilarious comedy play "Carryon Papa" was presented at Tejpal Auditorium.

Other Activities :

Free Medical Check-up camp on 4/5 October '91 in association with Lions Club of Dhobltalao. Sponsors: Shri Nitin N. Desai and Shri Mukesh M. Mody.

"A Gift is giving a portion of thyself" - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

1992 / 93

Inauguration of New premises at Shreeji Bhuvan : Auspicious Pooja was performed by the President Shri Y. R. Dharia to inaugurate the New Premises for office along with office - bearers and other members.

Social Gatherings and Reunions :

1. Annual Get-together on 11 th June 1992 at Tejpal Auditorium, Entertainment - music by Raju Verma & his Orchestra. Dinner - at Laxmi Narayan Temple Hall.

2. Sharad Purnirna Utsav on 9th October at Hotel Sea Rock, Bandra.

3. New Year Get-together on 26th october at Framji Cawasji Hall. Swamy Gancshanand Puriji Maharaj of Prempuri blessed the gathoring.
Sponsor : Shri Chanchaldas Malukani of M/s Shalimar Electronic Industries.

Other Activities :

  • Agitation against Sales Tax Amendments. Bandh Organised from 1 st to 7th July 1992. Token one day Fast : Undertaken by our Past Presidents Shri. J. V. Mody and Shri. P. K. Mody, Vice-President Mr. N. N. Desai. against the Sales Tax Amendments. Follow-up: Organised a Seminar cum meeting for our members on 14th July at Silk Merchan s' Hall. The speaker was Mr. B. C. Joshi, an eminent Sales Tax practitioner and Mr. Surendra Savai, Vice-President of FAM.
  • MTNL Services - opposed along With other Trade Bodies restrictions on call duration of 3 minutes.
  • CIDCO Land for EMA : We approached the CIDCO authorities for creating an electrical market in New Bombay.
  • For the first time we had taken out a multi-coloured Telephone Directory with names, addresses and telephone nos. There were many advertisements in multi-colours in this Directory.

"We arevtaught by great actions that the Universe is the property of every individual in it". -IB, Beauty.

A Seminar on MTNL was organised on 29th March to apprise members about the present and future plans of MTNL. To improve and augment the present telecommunication services of MTNL, many complaints were lodged with Mr. S. P. Kalsi, GM South (MTNL) and an amicable solution was arrived at.

1993/94 Notable events

1. Election of President and Office bearers after a very long gap of 25 years.

2. Membership grew by 17% which was a significant record for the Association.

3. CIDCO Project commenced whereby land was proposed to be allotted to EMA members for commercial and residential purposes.

A CIDCO Committee was formed and the following members were appointed.

1. Mr. Narendra Sampat - Chairman

2. Mr. N. N. Desai

3. Mr. PH. Sanghavi

4. Mr. K R. Kadakia

5. Mr. S. M. Doshi

6. Mr. S. N. Kadakia

7. Mr. Y. R. Dharia

8. Mr. V. M. Bengali

9. Mr. Hari Mundhra

10. Mr. Manij Kacheria

Booking was done - 300 members for office premises and 150 members for residential accommodation.

Social Gatherings and Reunions :

1.Hasya Kavi Sammelan on 5 March at Patkar Hall followed by Buffet Dinner at Sunderabal Hall.

2. Sharad Purnima Celebration cancelled due to the earthquake in the district of Latur and Osmanab. Donation of Rs. 2, 11, 111/- given by Association for the rehabilitation of victims of the earthquake to Shri. Sharad Pawar, then Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

3. New Year Get-together on 14th Novernber at Cawasji Hall. Host : Mr. N. S. Desai of M/s Essen Electrical Enterprises.

"Stretching his hand out to catch the stars, he forgets the flowers at his feet". - Jeremy Bentham


1. Topic - Central Excise held on 2nd September at Y. B. Chavan Hall, Chief Guest- Shri. S. D. Mohile. Principal Collector of Central Excise and Customs (west zone), Mr G. S. Narang Additional Collector Technical. Mr. Krishnamurthy, Collector (Appeal Bombay-1) and Mr.P. K. Jain, Dy Collector under Principal Collector.

2. Bandh organised and memorandum submitted to Collector to express displeasure for harassment by Dept. of Central Excise.

3. Our representatives made a number of trips to New Deihl concerning simplification of MODVAT credit matters.

4. A Semmar Gum product presentation sponsored by M/s. Batliboi & Company Ltd. was Organised at Westend Hotel on 17th February 1995 where a product called "Laxml Contractor" and relays was presented.

Social Gatherings and Reunions :

1. Dandia Raas : on 16th October at Nanavati School Grounds, Vile Parle. Music: Malhar Group Orchestra

2. New Year Get-together held on 4th November at Cawasji Hall, was organised. Host was Mr. Pravinchandra C. Kadakja of M/s. Navbharat Trading Company.

3. Festival Cricket Match on 3rd March 1995 between President Polycab Eleven and Past President's CPL Eleven. "Courage is not simply one of the virtues but the form of every virtue at tile testing point." C. S. Lewis, The Screw Tapeletters.

1995-96 Seminars

1. Topic: Amendment to the Central Excise on 18 July at the Silk Merchants Association Hall. Principal Speaker: Mr. T. Gunashekaran.

2. Topic: Amendment to the Sales Tax Laws on 22 August at Diplomat Hotel Speakers: Mr. R. B. Budhiraja, the Commissioner of Sales Tax and his team of experts.

3. Topic: Dianetics on 30 January'96 at the Silk Merchants Association Hall. Speakers: Mr. L. Ron Hubbard and Mr. Helmut G. Flash.

Social Gatherings and Reunions :

1. Dandia Raas : Dandia Raas Programme was held on Sunday the 15th October 1995. at Bal-Kan-Ji-Barl, SantaCruz (West).

2. New Year Get-together: New Year Get-together programme was held on 30th October 1995. For the first time this programme was held in the evening and the Hosts were Mr. Virendra Gandhi and Mrs. Sarlaben Desai of M/s. India Electro Traders, followed by Dinner.

3. Inter-Association Cricket Match : For the first time in the history of the Association an Inter-Association Cricket Match was organised. This was sponsored by Ravin Cables for Ravin Trophy; five participants were there :

1. The Electric Merchants' Association

2. The Chemical & Alkali Merchants' Association

3. The Bombay Pipes & Fittings Merchants' Association

4. The Bombay Millgin Stores

5. IDEA The Bombay Pipes & Fittings Merchants' Association won the Ravin Trophy.

Technical Visits :

1. Factory Visit of M/s. H. H. Elecon and Mehesana Water Resort Park at Ahmedabad for 4 days from 2 February'96.

2. Factory Visit of M/s. Cable Corpn. of India, Borivli on 14 February 1996.

"To achieve the marvellous. it is precisely the unthinkable that must be. thought" - Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume.


The Association got global recognition when the Indian Electrical Industry invited our Representatives to visit the Trade Fair at Milan, Italy. Our Representatives for this International Trade Fair were President J. K. Kadakia along with Mr. K. N. Mody and Mr. Arun Parekh.

Seminars :

1. Topic: Banking Search & Seizure on 6 August '96 at Diplomat Hotel.

2. Topic: Control Panel & Accessories on 7 December'96 at Hotel Diplomat. Sponsors: M/s. Pipes Tools and Electrical Mart and M/s. Avon Engineering.

3. Topic: Budget Proposals on 8th March 1997 at Silk Merchants Association Hall. Speakers: Chartered Accountants - Mr. Kishore S. Karla and Mr. Dilip Shah.

Technical Trip :

Factory Visit of M/s. Siemens Ltd. at Aurangabad from 11th to 14th January'97. Members were also taken on an excursion to Ajanta & Ellora Caves.

Social Gatherings & Renuions :

1. Dandia Raas on 16th October at Goklibai School ground, Vile Parle, Chief Guest : Mr. Raj Purohit, Honorable Minister.

2. New Year get-together with lavish dinner on 28th October at Birla Kreeda Kendra. Host: Mr. Mahesh C. Kadakia of M/s. Popular Brass Metal works.

3. The Second Inter-Association Cricket Tournament from 2nd February'97. 6 teams participated. A rotating trophy by CAMA was introduced. Our Association gave a creditable performance and ended up Runners-up.

4.Festival Cricket Match was organised on 10th December 1996. In view 01 the 60th year of the Association it was decided to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee for which a committee was formed namely the Diamond Jubilee Ceiebralion Committee. Mr. N. N. Desai of M/s Nootan Electric Corporation was appointed as the Chairman 01 the said committee. However. in view of his departure overseas. Mr. Y R. Dharia of M/s Crescent Electricals was requested to take over from Mr. Desai as the Chairman of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration Committee. It was decided to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee till the end of 1997.

An exhibition was held from 19th to 22nd October 1996, at the Goan Sports Club Ground at Cross Maldan. Mr. Subhir Choudhury, the Sheriff of Bombay inaugurated the exhibition. Mementos were presented to all the participants at the exhibition. A two page supplement was released in Middy News Paper and one page supplement in Jamnabhoomi, and Express Business avenues were released. A sanction was given for the purchase of a computer along with the printer.


An Election of the President as well as the members of the Managing Committee took place on 28th June 1997 at Bhatia Mahajan Wadi. Mr. I. B. Nangia was elected as President.

For 1997-98, the Diamond Jubilee Celebration was decided to be continued and the committee was once again formed under the Chairmanship of Mr. Y. R. Dharia of M/s. Crescent Electricals, and following mebers were on the D. J. C. Committee.
The name are as follows:

Mr. N. P. Gandhi

Mr. J. K. Kadakia.

Mr.l. B. Nangia.

Mr. Y. R. Dharia

Mr. V. N. Desai.

Mr. B. V. Mehta.

Mr. PK. Mody.

Mr. S. H. Parvvaney

Mr. N. N. Gala

Mr. N. N. Desai

Mr. G. T. Jaisinghani

Mr. V. M. Bengali.


1. Topic: Budget Proposals on 22nd April. 1997 at the Silk Merchants Association Hall. Followed by another Seminar Speaker: Mr. Kishore KAria & Mr. Dilip Shah

2. Topic: VDIS (on 24th JUly'97) at Hotel Diplomat. Principal Speaker: Mr. Rajnibhai Choksi.

Social Gatherings & Renuions :

1. Dandla Raas on 19th October at Goklibai High School Ground, Vile Parle - attended by 1500 people. Music: Bamboo Beats and Orchestra - gave pulsating music.

2. New Year Get-together on 3rd November at Tejpal Hall. Followed by Dinner at Laxmi Narayan Temple Hall. Chief Host: Mr. Nari Kukreja M/s. Marco Cables Pvt. Ltd.

3. Festival Cricket Match on 12th December at P.J. Hindu Gymkhana.

Telephone Directory :

The 2nd coloured Telephone Directory was released on 17th December 1997 at Samrat Hotel by the senior most past President Mr. J. K. Shah (1957) of M/s. Chandrodaya Electro Company.

Other Activities :

1. Lohar Chawl traders displayed remarkable solidarity and unity when the whole market closed down for five days in protest against the 5% Service Tax imposed on goods transport from 151 December to 5th December 1997.

2. The Sports Committee decided to organise Table Tennis and Badminton Tournaments on 25th and 26th December'97 at P. M. Bath Trust.

3. The Grand Finale Diamond Jubilee Function was to be held on 29th December 1997, at the Birla Matrushri Sabha Ghar. A supplement in MIDDAY and JAMNABHOOMI was planned. Mementos were to be presented to Past Presidents and a Diamond Jubilee Souvenir was to be released at the function, several digitaries (including Ministers) were likely to grace this function, followed by Dinner at Sunderabai Hall. A musical programme was also planned on this day.